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    Shapes probably much easier than creating it out of a tall room with a steep pitch for the roofs building over its walls. Check out the 3D Warehouse tool.
  2. aussuab

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    Same process but since those doors are so simple maybe just use the PARTITION tool to create 4 panels to fake the bifold cabinet door appearance.
  3. aussuab

    Soffits & Moldings

    There's a bunch of Shapes in the Library Browser, including a Closed box that I use for that sort of thing, or Custom Countertops if you need a particular shape.
  4. aussuab

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    Cabinet just marked as Open. Cabinet doors and handles added to the plan each separately from the Library Browser.
  5. aussuab

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    How do you make your images bigger like in the other thread?
  6. aussuab

    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    All of the advice here has really help me.
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    Molding on a Slab or Wall Break on a Soffit?

    No go in Pro. X8 has moldings you can add apart from either slabs or soffits.
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    Measuring correctly

    Which 2016 do you have? Suite, Interiors, Architectural, Pro?
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    Create this barn roof with widow peak?

    Is there a simple way to create this style roof and dormers? I think it's called a widow's peak or hay hood.
  10. aussuab

    Create this barn roof with widow peak?

    No this plan only has a ground floor.
  11. aussuab

    Create this barn roof with widow peak?

    This is what I get for a prow.
  12. aussuab

    Tip: Layouts 101 Basics

    can i increase the pdf size myself or do i have to send it to a print shop to get the larger size?
  13. aussuab

    What is this called?

    the bits under the roof?
  14. aussuab

    Plant Shelf?

    i appreciate everyones help so far, but i'm stuck again. how would you try modeling this in home designer? i did a search on my own and found the plant shelf knowledge article but it doesnt really seem to apply here.
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    deck rails and planking

    i hope this will be the last time i need to ask for help for a while. how will i create a deck like this?
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    What is this called?

    thank you but i do not see how to build the roof over them?
  17. aussuab

    Bullnose Verandah

    thank you!
  18. aussuab

    Bullnose Verandah

    How would I go about creating something like this?
  19. aussuab

    Curved Columns

    thank you!
  20. aussuab

    Curved Columns

    How can I create this style?
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    this is great thank you!
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    I am not finding instructions for anything like this. Does anyone have ideas?