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    The more I fiddle to create a glass staircase...

    Try going into the materials and change the materials in each section. See Photo This was just a quick go that I tried. Hope it helps. i clicked on the stairs in camera view then went to the materials list . Happy New year.
  2. I use metric so cannot help you with the roof. However I have noticed a few building issues. First congratulations you have done a great job. You need to work out your rafter or truss spacing before positioning dormers. The dormers are also too close to the walls. The builder will have some issues with building these dormers. Your framing manufacturer will need an excellent Diagram to get these design angles right on the top floor and the attic area. You have not stated if you are having a crafted roof/ceiling with rafters or scissor trusses built. Also it is important to know the roof material first so you can design the spacing. Every roof has a different number of trusses or rafters depending on the weight of the roofing material. Your dormer ridges need a slight adjustment. However if you are just doing an outline of your wishes to hand over to an Architect or a draftsman what you have done already will give them a great plan to work with. and you could tell them what you are hoping for on the garage roof. Have a look at the stairs though there are not enough stairs to reach the landing on the next floor.
  3. RobynKS

    Saltbox roof problems

    Verbal semantics..... He/she is just trying to draw a cupboard. In or near the roof following the roof line ...???? mmm Schematic diagram, is a representation of the elements of a system using abstract, graphic symbols rather than realistic pictures. The term prior to 1980s was usually used by electronic engineers. Its just verbal semantics. Perhaps you could draw it on paper take a photo and show us what you are trying to do. Tell us what program you are using and wella... Some one will help you.
  4. RobynKS

    Both wall ends resize at the same time

    Kbirb Hi What is DBX?? In the General Tab??
  5. All the above answers are great.. But in the mean time save as (name of Plan) dot electrical. Then do a save as for the plumbing. Use the text tool and put at the top of the plan "Electrical lay out Do not refer to this plan for structural detail. Refer to master plan." Then,Turn all room and wall dimension off. You can type in the dimension that are needed. Never ever use your Master Plan for footing details. Electrical detail Plumbing details Air Conditioning or vacuum cleaning outlets. Good luck you will get better at this. You will have good days and bad.
  6. RobynKS

    Handicap Accessible Floorplans

    Mmm thats not a good storey.. I am glad you can laugh. Yes the standards do not always make sense. I help write some of the standards in Australia. They choose about 60 people from the industry and we sit and talk about each standard in a code section for a week. But we are controlled by a code of practice that is already written. We feel elated when we actually get a code of practice changed. The Government actually relies on people like you to tell them what they have got wrong. The president of the University cannot actual get a code changed on one hear say but you can get a code changed. You need to write to the minister of ADA in Parliament.. In Australia we have a local member that we can actually go to see and they take it to the next Government meeting. Thankyou for sharing. xxx
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    Happy New Year Every One

    I trust you all survived the silly season. May all you plans and wishes come true without any lessons. You know what they say be careful what you wish for..... Robyn xox
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    porch joining to 2nd story roof line

    Hi Lots of people have tried to help so I trust you are working through this OK. Design issues you need to consider. In the front of the house. I have added a photo with colours and numbers. 1. I highlighted in red. You are going to need about 4-6 down pipes on this roof. A plumber and builder will probably ask you to change this, if they don't get a new roof plumber. I would send him packing and never ever employ him again. 2. At least change the two little indents they will both need there own gutters and down pipes. 3. The blue line with the word end. My suggestion, you might consider making that part of the roof end there so a large gutter can go straight across the roof. Then put a separate roof over the the front section of the house. OR Have the main roof all come down in one line. How you design your house is non of my business so I am hoping you do not mind me putting my tuppence worth in. As for the other parts of the house I do not understand the program you use, I use pro. I recommend if you are going to design more than one house you should have Pro . You have done a lovely job and the house looks great.
  9. RobynKS

    all doors show exterior? here is a door pulley made with a bottle
  10. RobynKS

    all doors show exterior?

    We have found that sliding doors with a weight on work well for people in wheelchairs but not a cavity sliding. The weighted (pulley) needs to be lightweigh and the door need to be a hollow core door so it is also light.
  11. RobynKS

    Handicap Accessible Floorplans

    Hello Oldmanwheelchair, I will help you get started by doing the basic outlay (floorplan) for you. I use HD Pro. Then you could play with the facade yourself. In Australia we call what I am offering," a lock up house". The Foundation (ready for your engineer to adjust), the walls , roof, The ramps. Windows and doors interior walls you could put in your self. For your situation big rooms with doors in the middle of the room. Wide doorways. Sliding doors with a weight for them to close after you have gone through work well on a toilet room. (WC) Let me have a look at your plan just post a few photos so I can be sure I can help as I am still learning HDPro myself. I am an a Retired Architect so I should be able to give you some free advise. I am in Australia so laws are different but together we should be able to get this done. However, if you want to keep trying yourself I boldly advise; have 30 or more undos set up in preferences. When you get a section right, save. Then when you do the next section look at it with the camera from two different angles. Then do a perspective view, then a elevation view if something does not look right go back to the floor plan and have a tiled window with either a camera view or perspective view with the plan view, then slowly undo until the mistake has gone. Save again. Then try again. Good luck.
  12. Hi I have had lots of bugs with the new download that I downloaded Christmas week. HD pro update. I contacted support but they claim it is something I did. So I have started saving some of the messages. Unfortunately you cannot capture all the bugs to show them. We all need to let them know. I have been very happy since I got my new computer the program has been behaving rather well. However this new down load has sent me up the wall for the last week.
  13. RobynKS

    Rendering Artifacts in Perspective Full Overview

    I had another look. It is definitely your roof lines they have issues with the vallies. Valley gutters and flashings need room. Your roof lines do not work well at all. Take the roof off and let the auto roof rebuild. Then have a look at changing some of the external wall shapes so the roof sits better over them or build the roof manually. Hopefully you know how to, if not contact David or Kbird they know where to find the answers.
  14. RobynKS

    Rendering Artifacts in Perspective Full Overview

    Is your graphics card correct for the program you are using. The odd colours on the roof always happened to me until I got my better computer with a better video card I now have Nvidia Graphics card and that does not happen. Also I think you may have some issues with the defaults for the walls or you have moved a roof baseline . The program is pretty smart. If your dimensions somewhere are wrong it lets you know by displaying things that should not be displayed. To me though at a glace I said to my self mmm thats an odd shape roof. Then I looked at your next photo and saw the wall wrap . That often happens to me . Well I hope I have got it sorted now. Fix the roof if you know how and have a look at your walls. Did you use the round the clock method to build the walls?? If you did not, then you changed the cladding with the paint tool or used the eye dropper to change the cladding the program does not understand what you have done. There are some smart cookies on this home Talk I hope one of them answers you soon. But have a look at your walls your video card and fix the roof. Do a save as and play around and be sure you have at least 40 undos set up in your preferences. Good luck
  15. RobynKS

    Ceiling Over rafters Not Under ?

    Hi all HO Ho Ho it is Christmas eve here. I love Christmas but this year as of 11am Christmas day I will be home minding everyones dogs. So I am practicing my skills on HD Pro. I hope some of you will be on line as I could not have learned as much as I have with out You. 24th December.2014 How do I get the ceiling lining on 1st floor in home designer,( its called the second floor in HD Pro. see my picture). to sit on top of the rafters ? We build the loft designs and raised loft designs by placing rafter on the top plate of the wall frames then put the T&G timber over the rafters then the battens then the blanket then more battens then the roofing. Is it possible to show it this way in HD Pro. My photo shows the frames with lining under the Rafters.
  16. RobynKS

    Renovation design ?

    Hi All when you measure and draw an existing building and then want to draw the new addition. What is the best way to do This in HD Pro. The existing house has three different types of roof planes. The new addition will have a 45° (12in12) roof pitch. When I notice I need to change or fix something in the plan all the roof lines change. I can do it on my trusty drawing board but would like to do it in HD Pro. I do not have a real plan drawn yet I am trying to get ready for a January client. Many Thanks And Merry christmas.
  17. RobynKS

    reverse Gable roof design

    Just Click the wall and click gable icon.
  18. RobynKS

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    David You are very helpful and very clever many many thanks.
  19. RobynKS

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    Hi All I have been trying to put exposed rafters in my Barn Plan The measurements are right but the rafters are looking like they are out of line. Any suggestions.???
  20. RobynKS

    Can't get stairs to lock to a landing

    Thats Great new. Good for you Merry Christmas.
  21. RobynKS

    Group Selecting to make a group

    My gable windows have between 4 and 12 parts to them. The manual said to shift select in plan view but in plan view it will only allow me to select three parts of the group. in Camera view it only allows me to select two parts. Then when I click add to library it only saves one part of the window. If anyone could help I would be most grateful. Many Thanks Robyn
  22. RobynKS

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    David if it is not necessary to use the soffit tool where is the rafter with tail tool you mention?
  23. RobynKS

    Can't get stairs to lock to a landing

    Be sure to have the area enlarged so you can see all the details. Then after selecting the stair tool with right mouse held down hold Ctrl key as well to get them in the exact location. It will work just keep practicing.. good luck
  24. RobynKS

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    Yes it is of a concern that they need to be drawn this way and wonder what local council will say when they get the drawings.
  25. RobynKS

    Rafters not sitting in the right place

    Eric in the manual it said to shift select. Each item how do u do it? It takes me ages to find things in the manual.