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  1. I had not seen that. I will check it out. I assume that this allows me to define the heights of those wall coverings then? Once I set a wall as I like it can I then apply those same material and covering settings to other existing walls I've drawn or do I have to set each wall manually, separately? Sort of like a "paste formatting" function within Microsoft Excel?
  2. How do I go about splitting the materials used on an exterior wall? On the same wall, I would like to use stacked stone on the bottom half and then siding above that. How do I accomplish this? I'm using Home Designer Suite 2015.
  3. Thanks all. I appreciate it. I figured it out. It was unclear to me that I had to draw both stairs on the same drawing level (or maybe I don't, but that is how I figured it out). Originally I drew the landing first, at a fixed height below grade. Then while on the basement level, I drew the first stair from the basement level floor to the landing. Then I switched to the first level (so I could see where the top of the stair should end) and drew the second stair from the landing to the first level floor level. It would never "sync up" in that scenario. As soon as I drew everything while on the basement level everything worked.
  4. I am having trouble getting stairs drawn with an intermediate landing. The stairs go from the basement to the first level with an intermediate landing that supports a 180 degree change of direction. I've defined the landing at -48" from 0 which is 50% of the basement floor's height. The basement stairs to the landing work fine. However, I can't get the first level's stairs to hit the landing. Everything that I try results in the first level stairs going all the way to the basement. Any assistance would be appreciated. I've attached from screen shots to help visualize my problem.