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  1. I didn't realise it said suite 14. I have Pro 15 now. not sure how to change it. I found the room type: open below... that worked. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a second level room (most of the house) that I want to remove the floor of. How do I tell Home Designer Pro to make the floor go away? I want it to be vaulted ceiling. (When I say floor go away I mean the actual floor... not the level of the house.) Thanks
  3. This is more what I need to do: But this says its for PRO version. There is no way to manually edit the roof in suite?
  4. I have tried those. The dormers are confusing the program. It thinks the roof should angle to them. I tried making those real dormers with the tool, but it said I couldn't have two right next to each other, so I made them part of the floor plan.
  5. Well the bigger problem is the auto roof is 10 kinds of screwed up in the program. I want to fix that. There should be 2 gabled ends on the colonial part and then the saltbox part down to the first floor with the two dormers. The program is making hipped roof lines from the dormers at angles. I'm not sure how to make it do what I want.
  6. yes, its my house. I have a 1725 saltbox that has been redone many times, and they put layer after layer of interior walls over the old ones. I can post a picture of that side of the house. 100_0779 shows the 2 dormers looking from the right side of the plan toward the house. The other shows from the left side of the plan toward the house. See the saltbox roof on that side.
  7. The roof lines are totally wrong, by the way, ignore them.
  8. This is the second floor. In the bottom left there is no explicit exterior wall because that is all roof slope, but the closet is under the roof. Do I need to put an explicit exterior wall there? The two rooms in the middle are dormers. They stick out into the saltbox part, so they do have exterior walls.
  9. I'm trying to build the schematic for a closet under a saltbox roof. Is it an interior or exterior wall if the closet goes halfway down the slope of the roof. I don't have an exterior wall where the slope ends at the bottom right now. Seems like I need one, but I want it to know thats just the bottom of the roof slope, not a real wall. How do I tell it that?
  10. I have the same issue. Using Home designer suite 2014. I have lock number of treads but I can't change the height.