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  1. AndyT05255

    all doors show exterior?

    I am using HD Pro 2015 I started with HD suite upgraded to HD architectural, now upgraded to Pro as i wanted to shape windows However all my doors show as exterior and I can not seem to find how to change them to interior six panel doors. any suggestions? Untitled 2.plan
  2. AndyT05255

    stair to basement location in this plan

    Hello you home designers! this attached floor plan is a home I plan to build with the first floor being accessible. This house will be built using SIP panels, so Douglas fur beams will span either just the living room for a cathedral ceiling. or the beams could span the entire center section. This is still a work in progress and all suggestions are appreciated. trying to keep an open floor plan for the kitchen, dining & living room I placed these stairs here as I feel the stair walls will add some support to the house. I really am open to suggestions for placement of stairs to basement level as it is a sloped lot and will be walk out and could have two more bedrooms and 2- more bathrooms Untitled 2.plan
  3. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    OK, easy for you to say David, Took me a few minutes but i got it thank you!
  4. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    Untitled 2.planThere are all kinds of dimensions on the over view and I do not know how to hide those for now.
  5. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    Stairs are always a problem for me as well, trying to find the best location as I plan on doing a walk out basement with one or two bedrooms in the basement.
  6. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    Thank you Eric, I worked out the floor problem. I will see if that bathroom configuration will work for me, thanks. I like to have full bath for each bedroom and a half bath for guests plus washer and dryer on the main level. and I am going for wheelchair accessible.. Having trouble now with terrain and creating a walk out basement. do I start build terrain perimeter on the basement level or the main level? Thanks for any help Andy in VT
  7. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    OK David, I figured our that when I put in a stair well somehow I said open to below on the whole floor once I named it living room and not open to below i got my floor back. Trying to find a good place to place the stairs to the basement in this plan, I always have a problem with stair placement
  8. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    Hello David, I Upgraded to Architectural 2015 , I thought I would be able to place some triangle windows in the gable wall once I upgraded so I could shape the window, but alas no go. so I may have to upgrade to professional just two draw two windows. I appreciate your help David. cheers, Andy in VT Untitled 2.plan
  9. AndyT05255

    first floor plan is there but no floor?

    OK i added a basement but now there is not floor on the first floor a all cabinets are floating? what have a done or how can I fix this?
  10. AndyT05255

    reverse Gable roof design

    Ok David Thank you I finally got the roof style I was looking for! onward and upward, thanks for the tip and help. I am trying to remember all this symbols, meaning and takes a bit to teach and old dog like me a new trick.
  11. AndyT05255

    Where is the file with sinks, tubs showers and toilets

    Hi David, When I go to the "library" at the top it shows "convert legacy (.alb )Library files "import Library"(.calb, .calibz get additional content online install core content update library catalogs so where is this library browser? Iam suing HD suite 2015
  12. Hello, I had a older version of this program where I would go to the file and click on a sink , toilet or shower and drop it where I wanted it. This newer version my son bought for me for a Christmas gift and I can not find those item anywhere? So can anyone help me with this? Thanks Andy in VT
  13. AndyT05255

    reverse Gable roof design

    Hello, I am trying to design a one level with walk out basement reverse gable roof design with cathedral ceilings in the main center section and when I do auto roof it puts a hip roof where I want a gable end can anyone help