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    Finding Architects that use Chief Architect

    Does anyone have suggestions on finding architects, preferrably in the Massachusetts area, that use CA for plan development? Most seem to use AutoCAD and I've had no luck converting .plan files to usable .dwg files. Thanks
  2. RollingStone

    Fireplace can't be selected

    I had some help me with a file and now have a fireplace chimney that is not selectable/moveable. Any ideas on how I can select this object? Thanks
  3. RollingStone

    Options for base kitchen cabinets

    Is there an option to change the base kitchen cabinets from the standard one drawer on top and one cabinet on bottom? I want to specify a four drawer base cabinet, a three draw with unequal size drawers and one with no drawers just a door. Thanks
  4. RollingStone

    Floating stair landing

    I've add two stair landings to exits from the house. However, each one is too high by about 4-6" so instead of being below the respective door they are above the door. When I select the object, I can move it in the x-y plane but can't seem to move it down - it's locked at the wrong height. Is there some settings I need to modify to get the stair landings lower? Thanks
  5. I haven't figured this out even after using this software for months. I'd like all dialogue boxes to display measurements in feet and inches rather than inches. I can't do the conversion in my head and am constantly using a side calculator to figure if 196" is 16' 4", etc. Hopefully this is an easy menu item/default someplace in the myriad of options and menu items. Thanks
  6. RollingStone

    Model rotation and plan view panning - slow and sluggish.

    I have a graphics card with 4GB and high thoughput and also have this issue where HD Pro "pauses" for 30 seconds or so when you scroll/pan etc. There's definitely a performance issue with the software.
  7. RollingStone

    Duplex with garage in basement

    From my experience with the terrain tools, HD tries to calculate what the remaining elevations are based on the terrain data you enter so you can get very strange results. There's a few you tube examples I'd suggest looking at for help. It's not as similar though as carving out an area - I'm having a similar challenge with a walk-out basement area
  8. I'm redoing a design from scratch and want to get seasoned user opinions on the best order of entering a new design. I had a ton of trouble on the first go through with terrain so I'm thinking of starting with that. Also, on my first design, all of the outdoor items (AC units, etc.) where part of the second floor plan which was obviously weird. The house is on a flat lot but we are planning a forced walk-out with several tiers (see attached).
  9. RollingStone

    Newbie Questions

    Mark, How do you find HD Pro compared to Skechup for house designs?
  10. RollingStone

    Box Window Tool Help

    I created a box window for the kitchen windows and want it to include 3 double hung windows rather than the default 2 flat windows. Can this be done? I tried pasting in a window and get an error message "Unable to paste "window". Window must be placed in containing object." I'm also getting these weird extensions above the window going up into the second floor. How can I get rid of these?
  11. RollingStone

    Box Window Tool Help

    That's not a great solution. If I move a wall in the future the foundation won't line up with it. Is there a way to just specificy no foundation under a specific wall area?
  12. RollingStone

    Box Window Tool Help

    If I add three walls it will auto add the foundation and then the walls will be 2 stories. I want a box out. Can you provide more specific directions on how to just do a box out without a second floor above and foundation? Thanks
  13. RollingStone

    Getting rid of overhangs on porch shed roofs

    I have two porches with shed roofs and each has a 12" overhang on the right side of the roof. I found a kludgy way where I make the deck 1 foot smaller, build the roof and then make the deck larger all with auto roof turned off. I set the overhang to 0" on the three deck walls and the one external wall and I still get this 12" overhang.
  14. RollingStone

    Basement window and siding

    It looks like the siding is extending a few inches over the foundation. I have the windows flush to the top of the foundation but the sidings overhangs the windows.
  15. RollingStone

    how many computers?

    Specifically, you login in to your account at: Then there's a Digital Locker near the bottom under Available Services. Click "Manage Your Activate Licenses". Then you deactivate the current computer and then can activate another one. A bit tedious but it works.
  16. RollingStone

    Basement window and siding

    It looks like maybe an inch is appropriate for the skirtboard which is PVC to extend over the foundation(see photo). How can I control these dimensions or find them in HD Pro? Also, how do I add a PVC skirtboard?
  17. RollingStone

    Roof on basement doghouse exit

    I've added a doghouse style exit for the basement, but HD is not allowing me to add a roof over it. I want a gable roof to match the other roof lines. See screen clip.
  18. RollingStone

    Roof on basement doghouse exit

    I added two roof planes - seems labor intensive - are there shortcuts for sizing/overhangs etc? Now a roof but also a hole where there should be a gabel end. See photo. I specified full gabel wall in dialogue box. How do I get Chief to put in this wall?
  19. RollingStone

    Roof on basement doghouse exit

    OK- how do I do that? Do I add on the first floor plan level?
  20. RollingStone

    Export to AutoCAD - flattened

    I've exported my design to .dxf with and without the "separate wall assemblies" check box selected. People I'm sending them to report that they open but are "flattened." All three floors are on-top of each other. Is there a way to fix this problem? It seems all the architects and engineers I've talked to have AutoCAD or something other than Chief so exchanging design files is a big problem.
  21. RollingStone

    Export to AutoCAD - flattened

    If I export each floor, then how will the overall structure be rebuilt in AutoCAD? Seems like it's missing all the key height data etc.? Is the product not really compatible at all? It's a problem as nearly everyone has AutoCAD and no one I've dealing with has Chief.
  22. RollingStone

    Printing final building plan sets

    What is the easiest way to tackle this? It looks like the layout only accommodates one sheet per file? Is there a helpful guide that walks through this?
  23. RollingStone

    Printing final building plan sets

    I'll start with kbird's suggestion. Getting CA isn't worth the extra few grand for one project!
  24. RollingStone

    Print elevations to scale

    I created a front elevation and it's not to the scale shown on the drawing sheet schedule which is 1'=1/8". Why is this? How can I print an elevation to scale?
  25. RollingStone

    Print elevations to scale

    I found "Vector View". When I select the scale option and send to layout it's much smaller than the 1/8 scale. Maybe I have the paper size set wrong or something?