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  1. I wanted to! But I'm ashamed to admit that I couldn't find the "edit" post button anywhere so I figured I'd wait and if you replied, I'd have a chance to append it. So the siding issue appears as I mentioned when I check the "Flat Ceiling Over This Room" to ON. Even though it's set to draw automatically, part of the garage roof intersects the house roof...maybe I should report that as a software issue...? Here's the plan and a pic of the problem... test-foxblock-06-garage raised-var 01.plan
  2. Yes, it's 3.5" plus the mortar. I was trying to model the materials as close to the real texture and color as possible so we can start choosing a color / material palette. Also I find it a little harder to properly dimension the entire building before choosing the final materials for the outer walls. For example, we were thinking vinyl while we were creating the floor plan, and after costing the stone, we may yet return to that If I'd dimensioned with the extra 3.5" it would have been confusing, at least to me! Once all is selected I'll try and make everything more true-to life, including the siding material dimensions. Thanks Jo_Ann.
  3. Yes I noticed that Eric. The exterior room approach worked on all walls except the garage -- I don't know what's up with that, I'm looking into it.
  4. Yes, so much to look into, it can become overwhelming, especially since this is a one-off design for me. But it's coming, albeit slowly. David, I see you're a Chief roof expert If I may... I have a roof issue that affects the wall on the side of the house where the garage is attached. This is using the automatically generated hip roof, so no manual changes on my end. If I set the "Flat Ceiling Over This Room" on, the wall where the roof attaches to the house loses its siding. Any idea what causes that? Thanks! - Robert.
  5. This is how I use pony walls, to, for example make the below grade basement wall all concrete as opposed to some other material. I had found it useful and expedient to also use pony walls to change the exterior finish, but as Eric pointed out, this can be accomplished more easily by selecting all exterior walls and applying a wall covering.
  6. Thanks Eric, this works very well and is easy to apply. I'll try with a different project -- this makes pony walls unnecessary if their purpose is just to change the siding. Appreciate the tip! - Robert.
  7. Hi David, thanks for replying. I haven't used poly lines but am slightly familiar with using a custom back splash. I'll give that a shot. Do you know if that technique can be used to create a ledge at the top of the stone to give a visual seperation between the stone and the vertical siding?
  8. To clarify... I've used a pony wall for the basement wall -- below grade is the house wrap, and above grade is stone. I've arrived at the limit of how low I can get the stone to descend; it's way above tops of the basement windows, which is what I'm aiming for. I've included the plan this time Thanks! Hi, I'm trying to change the height of my siding. I've maxed out the pony wall for both my basement wall and main floor wall. I'd like the stone siding to end at the height of the basement windows, or conversly the vertical siding to reach the height of the basement windows. Is there a technique to further subdivide the walls and maybe "spray on" the desired siding? Thanks! - Robert. test-foxblock.plan
  9. Got it, thank you Solver!
  10. Solver, can you expand on that? Temporary Points don't ring a bell. Also, they re-occur (as though they're saved with the plan). How do I get rid of them? Thanks!
  11. Hi. At some point during the design of a floor plan, two X markings appeared. I don't know what they represent, I can't select them, and turning off all display properties in the working layer set doesn't get rid of them. Does anyone know what they're for and how to get rid of them? I've attached a pic (the red circle is mine). Thanks, - Robert.
  12. Thanks Solver -- it makes more sense now.
  13. Thanks David, that worked Funny to have to do all of that, you'd think the glass block wall would offer an option to prevent the floor framing from showing. But it's working fine now...
  14. How can I stop the framing floor members from displaying when using a glass block wall? I'm building a glass block shower, and when a wall type is changed to glass block, the floor framing shows through. How can I prevent this? Thanks!