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    Falling Water

    Various designs of mine
  2. Thank you, yes house is already built. Here is what I came up with after your help solver !
  3. I want to add a metal roof onto this porch (straight out from the existing house roof line) on the front of this house plan, but I am having lots of difficulty in getting it to look right, roof pitch being less than the house roof pitch and so on. Everything I try just makes for very awkward looking roof lines. I've attached the .plan (Home Designer Pro 10) for those that want to take a stab at it. Thanks ahead of time. 306_Peterson_remodel.plan
  4. Is there a discount when purchasing the upgraded version (HD Pro 2019) from the one I am currently using ? HD Pro 10 thanks
  5. Thanks Solver ! Appreciate your input and advice, it accomplished my goal, which would have taken me hours to figure out without it !
  6. ceiling and roof issue.planI use HD Pro Version 10. My question is, how do I remove this roof plain from inside of this den area with no ceiling ? If I try to modify the roof plain I then see holes in the roof and siding ceiling and roof issue.plan
  7. Where can I find content to import for HD Pro version 10 ? I go to the library website and it says that the content is compatible with Home Designer Pro but I get error messages when attempting to import, or can I import items into Sketchup and save as a different Sketchup version ?
  8. Seems putting in a stronger mouse battery has helped . . . . I use a wireless mouse . . . who would've thunk !
  9. I'm having a problem with my cursor moving in a "jerking" fashion on the "floor plan" screen. It does not move in a flowing fashion, and this just recently started. It does not do it while in 3D render / perspective or floor camera mode. What should I be doing to fix this ? I've tried turning off snaps but that does not help, as I thought that had something to do with it. I have Nvidia Graphics card GeForce GT 610 which works well for all other video display features.
  10. Try this . . . https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00752/creating-a-structure-that-is-built-on-piers.html. This is for Home Designer Pro, your version listing will help move forward with your particular design answers.
  11. I do this all the time . . . Start a new scaled plan, click on file / import / picture, pick your .jpg file, insert, and then scale for size. I use Home Designer Pro for all of your requests
  12. As Solver mentioned, I made the cabinet very shallow, removed its countertop and then made a custom countertop top to fit the angle, and it worked beautifully. Just passing along "the fix" . . . thanks for the suggestions ! Completed with Home Designer Pro 10 . . .
  13. How do I modify this base cabinet so that it does not stick out of the angled wall outside of the bathroom area ? I use Home Designer Pro 10
  14. I'll see if my version allows me to do that . . . thanks for the tip !
  15. 43214321

    Walkthru question

    I use Home Designer Pro 10 and have this simple question . . . how do I (or can I) insert points along a walk thru camera path ? and is it possible to modify the camera direction on this path at particular points ? I'm having trouble figuring out how to look at particular objects / items along the walk thru path.
  16. I would save just the terrain as a template. Then you can use it on numerous projects by just re-naming it.
  17. try using "floor camera" then click on "glass house"
  18. How do you change ceiling heights without it making changes to the roof-line ? I am currently using Home Designer Pro 10
  19. ? did not work . . . differing versions are not playing well together . . . (invalid version number and can not be read) seems .calib files would share regardless of version ?
  20. thanks I'll give it a try
  21. I use both Home Designer Pro 10 and Arch 2012, how can I transfer saved library items (that I have custom created) from one of those versions to the other ? I know it may seem odd that I use both but over the years I've used both versions off and on for various reasons.
  22. 43214321

    Screened Porch

    Here is a place to start . . . http://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00747/