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  1. I am using HD Suite 2017, and often run into problems when I import downloaded furniture models into the software. I usually import either OBJ or 3DS files and the 2 major issues are that either some of the parts of the object are misplaced or I get one whole object and I can assign only one material to it. In the pic I enclosed, on the left is the 3ds model, and you may clearly see what I mean. The one on the right is obj, and cannot assign different materials to it. Any way to fix this??? Thank you Marissa
  2. Thank you for answering my question, and sorry forposting in the wrong forum
  3. I'm trying to achieve the recessed wall under the window as shown. I also put a screenshot of the window I have put into my progect. How can I achieve that space so that I can put the radiator? Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your reply. Pro is too expensive for me, I'd like to get either Interiors or Suite........ I will check if they have this option
  5. I'm about to buy Home Designer. I'm not a professional, so I'd like to know, before purchasing, if it is possible to import a floor plan to use as a guideline instead of building by scratch. I have in mind to buy a new apartment, so my idea is to start from an existing floor plan. I enclose a sample picture. If this is possible, what kind of file should it be? (jpeg, pdf, dxf.....) I'd also like to have a suggestion on which product would be better to remodel and do the interior design