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  1. Hi Susan, interesting quest. I think you can get the right file format using OnShape, its free after you signup. You would be creating a solid model of your terrain which can be a complicated model but the software has all the tools to do it and I believe it would have the proper 3D output file structure for you to be able to print it.
  2. chiefuserrick

    Log Homes

    Does anyone know if Home Designer pro can handle log home structures?
  3. Hi David, do you know if this feature exists in Pro 2016?
  4. I did a church stage modification in home designer pro for a friend. My question is , if my friend bought the base $99 home designer software, could he open an modify this design created in pro? What trade-offs if any?
  5. Here is what I have so far Church2.plan
  6. Thanks KB-00429, I tried this with limited success. I get walls created over the rails, so I made the area a balcony, which works but I do not get the short walls that go from floor to stage wall. Working on that. I am wondering if a sofit would be better. This is not as simple as the tech bulletin would suggest. I still have to make stairs.
  7. chiefuserrick

    church stage

    what is the best way to create a stag within a room for a church alter? Deck or slab or ? It will have steps on three sides.
  8. Yes, you can start in AutoCad (2D), import to Sketchup to generate a 3D object. Then import into HD Pro. Try something simple to understand what X/Y/Z orientation that you need to create in Sketchup. This is how I made my custom truss objects for my future home design.
  9. Made mine custom in Sketchup. Can only post jpg as the file nazi prevents uploading skp files.
  10. found it, I had a slight misalignment of a wall which extended the molding out of the house. You're right David.
  11. This one has me stumped. Somehow I got this uneditable board sticking out of my house on the rear deck. I think it happened after I "auto placed corner boards" . If I turn off corner boards display it remains, I do not see it in the framing view, Any suggestions on how to remove or hide it? The plan is too big to upload.
  12. And here are the new trusses installed. They will be made out of faux wood beams, cost about $3,500 each.
  13. Could not find any good arched king trusses in the 3D warehouse, so I made one myself for my latest home design. Thought I would share. Will eventually upload to the warehouse for others. It's for a 8/12 pitch.
  14. Hi Eric, I can see you did, I'm a newbie and want to incorporate your change into my evolving plan but I can't figure out how to change the floor definition from 4" concrete to framing. I even tried in defaults. I placed room dividers where you did to partition my foundation but can't get past the floor structure dialog which is fixed on concrete.