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  1. allyncooper

    Editing profile

    I just upgraded to Pro 2019 from 2014 and would like to put that on my profile. I go to the edit profile but nothing there on doing this. How do I do this?
  2. allyncooper

    Barn doors

    Have a situation where a sliding "barn door" is called for. These doors go on the outside of the wall so any thoughts on how they can be displayed?
  3. allyncooper

    Can you make tool bar symbols bigger?

    Thx. for the replies. Currently running HD Pro 2014. If I upgrade to 2019 I would be able to do this?
  4. allyncooper

    Can you make tool bar symbols bigger?

    Recently bought a 32" monitor and the tool bar symbols seem small for these tired old eyes. Searched but could not find and answer. Any way to increase the size (make bigger) to tool bars and the symbols therein? I have plenty of real estate on my monitor to do this.
  5. allyncooper

    Not Enough Memory

    I would contact a Chief technical person and ask them about it.
  6. allyncooper

    Forte software

    I downloaded Weyerhauser's Forte structural design software and did an intro webinar yesterday morning. The software is free and looks like its not that difficult to learn. Wondering if anyone else is using the Forte software and if so what's your take on it?
  7. allyncooper

    Cabinet doors and drawers in same section

    Thx for the replies guys. Looks like 2018 Pro makes it pretty easy. I know in 2018 you can put elect. outlets in cabs also. Looks like I'll be getting 2018 Pro sooner than later since I'm planning on alot of kitchen/bath design work.
  8. allyncooper

    Cabinet doors and drawers in same section

    Thx for the reply Eric. Graphic I posted is a vanity cab from Home Depot. First section is a false drawer, then you have a door on the left with 2 drawers on the right. Can't figure out how to do that setup (door with two drawers) on section two. Back Clipped Section didn't do anything.
  9. allyncooper

    Cabinet doors and drawers in same section

    Searched but couldn't find an answer. How to put a door and drawers (per graphic) in the same section. TIA HD Pro 2014
  10. allyncooper

    Need Plans for a New Home

    Hi wyosue, fellow Wyoming person here in Buffalo. Moved here recently from Colorado. Like Solver says, you're best to work with a professional builder. That being said as JoAnn said start with your building footprint. Check the plot plan or survey of the lot and check for setbacks, easements, etc. Think about utilities. Public sewer or on site septic? (In WY on site septic must be designed by a PE). Any restrictive covenants? Elevations? Good drainage away from foundation. Driveway should not be more that 8% grade max with southern orientation if possible (it snows in WY). Can house be oriented with most glazing facing south? Is there a building Code and if so which is adopted? ( I'm a licensed contractor in Buffalo which adopted 2018 IRC with amendments, but outside Buffalo in Johnson County there is no building code). Even if no code you should build to code. Energy efficiency is paramount - required by the 2018 IECC. Any potential for grid tied solar electricity? As mentioned ADA compliant construction appropriate. Check out NKBA Planning Guidelines with Access Standards. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Kalki Design & Consulting Peak Construction
  11. allyncooper

    Budget graphics card?

    Solver, thx for your input. Also looking at the GeForce GTX 1050TI 4GT which can be had for about $160. Anyone using this card?
  12. allyncooper

    Budget graphics card?

    My current graphics card is a Quadro 600. This card came out in 2010 and has 1 GB memory and 96 CUDA cores. I know CA recommends at least 2GB. Looking to upgrade card. with a $250 or less budget. Using HD Pro 2014 but plan to upgrade to 2018 soon. Not very tech savy (although I did build my current rig), and somewhat confused between "work station" type cards and gaming cards - which one is better suited for CA and some basic video editing? I don't do any gaming. Looking at the Quadro P600 with 2 GB memory and 384 CUDA cores with Pascal Architecture. Comments and suggestions welcomed.
  13. allyncooper

    Reversing handing (door swing) on cabinet doors

    Got it thx. Found it in the Knowledge Base. Info was not in the Manual or the Help Index.
  14. As the title says, how do you reverse the swing on a cabinet door. Searched and searched and searched and couldn't come up with an answer.
  15. allyncooper

    Materials List spreadsheet expansion

    Just getting into using the Materials List and wondering if the spreadsheet can expand, i.e. make certain cells bigger horizontally so text fits better (like can be done in Excel). I have a 27" monitor and the List only covers a little more than half my screen so I have plenty of screenspace to expand cells so text is not cutoff. Searched and couldn't find anything on this. HD Pro 2014