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  1. Jo_Ann that is great. Thanks a million. I will now go back and try to figure out exactly why or how your solution worked. Again thanks so much.
  2. Hello. I am using Home Designer Suite 2018 (64 bit) and am trying to modify my roof. My "L" shaped cottage has a gabled roof on the right wall with a low pitch of just over 3". The front wall on the left side is gabled with a pitch of about 12" (not exactly). The peaks of the two gables meet at the same elevation so neither pitch is exactly standard. The porch has a very low slope on it that is almost flat sloping from it's intersection with the right side roof to the front. I don't think I am going to be able to correctly model this roof with my program and was wondering if I upgrade to Home Designer Architectural will I be able to do what I want? The attached file shows where I am presently. I was on the Chief Talk page and told to post here and that perhaps Jo_Ann might be able to help me. Thanks much. 22 E Earle St basic+3 roof.plan