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  1. Please Help ! I get a message saying I don't have enough memory to complete what I'm working on. However.....This is a brand new computer (4 days old) with 8 G of memory !!! What the heck? It tells me to switch to 64 but I thought I always had 64. It's the same HDPro 16 that I've been using on the old computer. Please help. Thanks lots. Barbara
  2. Help ! Just recently, the last 3-4 days, when I try to switch from floor plan to 3D it takes several minutes. Just a few days ago it would take about 2 seconds ! Hope you can help. I have HDPro 2016. Thanks, Barbara
  3. Lizzilou10

    Graphics in 3D

    What has happened to my graphics ? Long story short: I went from Windows 10 back to Windows 8 and then back to Windows 10. I reloaded my Home Design Pro 2016 but it doesn't look the same at all. When looking at my plan in 3D the graphics appear very cartoonish and not the least bit realistic. What's going on ? I'm hoping you can help. Thanks, Barbara
  4. I did, in fact, upgrade my graphics drivers. Still have the problem. I only had a problem with Win-10 when my printer died and I got a new one. Win-10 would not support the printer! I've since talked to two other people who had the same problem. They also went back to either Win-8 or 7. I'm really hoping for help with this problem. Thanks again.
  5. What happened ??? I was using Windows 10 with no problems displaying my HD Pro 2016 in 3-D. I didn't like Win-10, deleted it and went back to Windows 8. However, I really messed up - I didn't save anything and ended up with a completely empty computer except for Win-8. :-( I re-installed my HD Pro but now I'm getting the message that my graphics driver does not support my HD Pro (64 bit). !! How can that be if it was working in Win-10? Please, please help. Thanks as always. Barb
  6. My problems are mostly the same as Eric's but are still happening. I'll check in with tech support. Thanks everyone.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with HD2016 after down loading Windows 10 ? The biggest problem is the program freezing. Thanks for any help. Barb Palmer
  8. Lizzilou10

    Shower walls

    Hi All, I need help once again. I have HDPro 2016 and, so far, I love it. But when I try to change a wall into a shower wall I have problems. On the floor plan it looks as though the regular interior wall has changed into a glass shower wall, but when I go to the 3D plan, it's just a regular interior wall. I've tried completing the room (tile, floor, etc.) and then creating a shower wall and I've tried creating a shower wall and then doing the rest (tile, floor, etc.). Either way, I end up with a regular interior wall. Thanks for any help as usual. Barb
  9. Please, please help. I recently upgraded to HDPro 2016 from HDArch 2015 and I keep having problems. I've managed to figure out and/or solve the minor ones. But every time I "go out" of the plan it shuts down and I have to start all over. By "go out" I mean: when I go to save the plan; when I try to import something; etc. Thanks for your help, as always. Barb
  10. Lizzilou10

    User Library

    Thank you, thank you.
  11. Lizzilou10

    User Library

    I just upgraded to HDPro 2016. How do I transfer my user library from HDArch 2015 ? I'm hoping this can be done.
  12. Lizzilou10

    Cross Hairs

    Never mind - I found the solution. Thanks anyway.
  13. Lizzilou10

    Cross Hairs

    Hi All. I just upgraded to HDPro 2016 and can't get rid of the cross hairs on plan view. I went to other sites to find how to be rid of them, but with no luck. Please help.
  14. YAHOO, YIPPEE, HURRAH !!! The answer was in "View" - I just had to check the scroll bar box. Thank you, thank you.