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  1. Definitely an option, but my thought was to have the storage room directly under the balcony.
  2. Thanks @Jo_Ann. All of those solutions worked just right. On the fir wall I had originally put it in as a regular wall then changed the wall type to some kind of railing. Once I drew a new railing wall it worked just right. Is there a way for me to re-create the walls under the railing? I was thinking of having a storage room under there.
  3. I have designated the one wall as "invisible" just to make it easier to see what's going on in the room. Once I get the one wall figured out I assume it will translate to the other.
  4. I am trying to design a monitor style barndominium with living area on one end and a large reception hall on the other. I would like the ceiling above the reception hall to be open to the rafters. I'm having a couple of issues with that room. It is built as a two story with the upper story "open to below". I have extended the height of the main room on the lower level so that they come up to where the roof line of the "lean to" sides of the barn meet the exterior wall of the upper center aisle. I have designated one of the walls as a "deck railing/fence" but for some reason it s
  5. I downloaded @Ducati007's second plan and worked off of that. With his second plan, your second video made a lot of sense. Thank you so much. Now I'm going to have a flood of additional questions, but I'll start new threads for those.
  6. Yes. I've edited my reply to fix that. Thank you. I'll more carefully review your information and see if I can figure it out and, if not, I'll try a new thread. Thanks again.
  7. Sometimes when we read the writing of others we perceive condescension or rudeness where none was intended. Like @Ducati007, I perceived the tone of your comments as patronizing and worded in such a way as to make him feel stupid for misapplying @solver's instructions. I apologize for misinterpreting your intent.
  8. Fair question, and thank you for responding. Mostly because I am at an earlier stage in the design process than where @Ducati007 ran into his troubles. I am a very infrequent use of the program and last summer (using a trial version) I figured out how to make a design that includes a raised center area (see this YouTube video below). Unfortunately, before I was able to upgrade to the paid version (and therefore save my design) the program crashed, taking my design with it. I was thinking that if I could see Ducati007's plan, it might help me remember how I got that raised center section la
  9. Ducati, would you mind posting here the plan that finally worked for you?