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  1. Hi @solver: I did use Edit Area, and moved it, but Edit Area doesn't let you choose a specific width/size for the removed area, and it definitely doesn't "copy" the same size area on the 2nd floor, so after doing the Edit Area actions (deleting an area, then selecting and moving the remaining part "over") I think my walls are slightly off-alignment and I can't find a tool to get them right again so I can rebuild the roof and see the attic. They look right on screen, but something must not be right for it not to create the attic level again.
  2. Hello Hometalk Gurus: (I am a 2021 HD Architectural newbie) I am hoping you can assist me and others (in the future) with addressing this problem: I am trying to figure out how to change a single room in a multi-room building in a plan that has already been heavily designed. Specifically, I want to make the center room of this monitor style building more narrow in the width (from 36'5" to 28'), without modifying the sizes of the other two "side" rooms which are 22'. I did make it work on a very simple example by deleting the 2nd floor, modifying the first flo
  3. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! THANK YOU ERIC!!! I assumed those outer walls on the 2nd floor had to be there since it copied the floorplan from the first floor! I am seriously SO grateful!
  4. Hey @Jo_Ann This is the 2nd time you have been extremely condescending, and I don't appreciate it. I watched Eric's video several times and did exactly as he noted--I made the 2nd floor interior walls exterior walls; I modified the room ceiling on the 1st floor and 2nd floor to the exact same values, and ensured I had auto-rebuild roofs. Instead of being rude as you sit on your high horse, why don't you provide the plan that you made that roof with using HD Architectural so I can LEARN from my mistakes and hopefully help another newbie? Otherwise, please exit the discussion;
  5. OK, here it is! Monitor Roof Test Design.plan
  6. I tried again and made sure all my values for wall heights and such were the same as yours. I also ensured that auto rebuild roofs was on, and tried both on/off for ignore the top floor. See pics to confirm. No matter how high a value I put in for the 2nd floor room, the roofline will not break. I even tried changing the type of roof wall the upper room walls were from hip walls to high shed/gable walls, and it didn't affect the "rise" of the 2nd level. Is there a way to shut off the 4/12 pitch or continuous pitch roofline, or should my walls have different values WRT the roof (i.e., hip
  7. Thank you so much for the Youtube video. Sadly though, I watched it many times and followed your directions fully (modifying all room attributes per your guidance) and still no luck. I even tried to make the 2nd floor center room significantly taller, and it would not allow the 2nd floor to break the 4-12 roofline even though the values stated the 2nd floor was over 20 feet tall! I presume it is due to limitations with my software. I will start a new file and try it again and will report back if it works. In other news, with HD Architectural, you are not able to remove t
  8. I assumed the center room would be 30" higher than the side rooms that had the same pitch. Are you saying I need to do 5 feet plus 30 inches?
  9. I can't say that this picture does help. It looks like you made a 2nd floor that was 6'8" tall, and then did a wall break that was 2'6.5" tall. I am still not tracking on how to make the roof raise in that section, or which attributes should be assigned to the two portions of the "broken" vertical wall. As noted, a serious newbie, but have been unable to find anything in the references you note to help me do this. As for the signature--I updated, thanks. I thought it was my profile info that would be displayed. I appreciate the help.
  10. @solver/et. al: Help a newbie!! I am also trying to do the monitor style roof (see attached picture) and did as previously recommended on another thread to try and raise the center part of the roof: I made a simple structure with a central room, adjusted the ceiling height in the central room to be 30 inches higher than the two side rooms, and no matter what I do, I can't "break" the roof line of the simple 1-story building. - I have a 4-12 pitch roof - I designated the vertical sides of the building as hip walls and the two horizontal sides of the building as full gable