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  1. Mario_Rapinett

    Print issue Pro 2020

    Thanks for the feedback... I think many of us have experienced printer problems since the dot matrix days when they first came out. I was often asked to fix company printer's in my lecturing days. I'm currently using MFC-J6520DW , but not for CAD work.... thanks again... cheers mate "M" .
  2. I'm a long time user CA Premier upto X5 . I recently noticed this message when I purchased HD Pro 2021 " Internet access for license authentication is required once every 14 days." what does this mean.....i hope it does not mean , what i think it is..... I'm thinking about downloading a trail version of X12.... is there an expiry date for usage.. cheers "M"
  3. Mario_Rapinett

    Confronting and Persistence

    thanks..cheers mate
  4. Great video . Pity there are not more in depth setup videos by CA... thanks mate
  5. Mario_Rapinett

    Print issue Pro 2020

    I'm about to purchase similar printer . I look forward to more info on this topic. thanks