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  1. Hello Henk, Welcome to the Home designer forum. Sorry to say but according to the rental FAQ on home designer website (look for rental FAQ next to rent to buy button) it says that if you miss a payment, credit card is declined then you have to restart your rental and restart your purchase to buy Home Designer. Since it has been a month according to what you said it looks like you have to restart your rental in order to purchase in monthly payments. I wish I had better news for you. But that's what according to their rental FAQ says. Kind regards
  2. Dominic900


    Hello Donco15, Thank you for the nice words. I am happy to hear that the review I did helped you out. I hope that your upgrade works out well for you like it does for me. I am very happy that I also upgraded, the features work very well. A special thanks goes toward Chief Architect for working hard on X12 and bringing up to date home designer pro features that I will use. Thanks again Chief Architect. Dominic
  3. Dominic900


    I also upgraded to HDP 2021 this past week. And I like how fast and smooth the renderings are in the standard view and PBR view. At least on my computer the framerate is very fast and smooth and I have a Nvidia TI 730 2GB memory video card. Any way some of the features I have tried are the waterfall counter, you have to make a custom counter in order to see the waterfall option. Please look in the help section for how to do this. Doors, I tried the glass panel option when editing a door (must be a glass panel door for this option) anyway you can edit the width, sides, top, and bottom individua
  4. Hi timeless 16, Your rendering that you did in hdp 2020 looks very good. Look in youtube for twinmotion and those videos will help you out. Sketchup requires that when importing files bigger than 5 megabytes in size I believe it has trouble with files bigger than that when importing into sketchup. Some files have that trouble not all of them. Best, Dominic
  5. Hi Timeless 16, The program I use (just got it a few days ago) called twinmotion. please do a google search for that program as I am not certain if you can mention other companies websites on this forum. It is by epic games and uses the unreal engine and epic games has released it for free (all you need to do is sign up for an account and select download from the website. enclosed is a picture that was done with twinmotion in about an hour worth of working with the software. What you have to do is import your design through sketchup and save your design as a sketchup file then imp
  6. Hello, In home designer pro 2020 reference manual page 506 shows the option to offset the light position. It looks like that option is only available in home designer pro and chief architect professional line of software. You might want to talk to chief sales and see if any upgrade sales will happen soon. Sometimes they have a customer loyalty sale. Best,
  7. Hello Angie15, I have included a rendering done with a program called Simlab composer 9.1 VR edition. Here's what I did to get the rendering, 1. enter a 3d view with your camera in home designer 2020 2. open file menu, and choose export to DAE file. (a sketchup file) 3. open sketchup and import in your design in sketchup. 4. place your design on screen next to your little man in sketchup. Click once with your mouse. 5. Save your design as a sketchup file. 6 then import your design into the trial version of simlab composer. Please do a google s
  8. Hi Angie15, Your rendering looks pretty good on my end. I am sorry that you are not happy with how things are not turning out with PBR rendering. I have added some pictures or renderings to help you out. Its a doctor office I am working on to get a feel for the software. Anyway if your not happy how things turned out you might give support a call or send them an email and ask why you are having these issues with rendering. Some on this forum are getting great results with PBR. I hope that things will work out for you. Best,
  9. Hi Timeless-16, Here are some images that I could not load when writing to you in messager. the first is PBR and the 2nd is standard view. to show the difference. Dominic
  10. Heard back from support and the results are not good (for me anyway) it turns out that it was an error on my part I was looking at the door hardware for a bank of drawers rather than looking at the drawer hardware which is at the bottom of the dialog box. anyway my bad. Still learning how to use this software. Sorry for the error.
  11. Hello, Does anybody have trouble when using Home Design architectural 2020 that in cabinet hardware When selecting cabinet hardware that it does not change even when you turn off use default? Here's the trouble I'm having. When I tried going into cabinet dialog box to edit the cabinet hardware and select from the library and choose a handle it does not matter which one it does not change on the cabinet preview and also does not change on the cabinet itself on the drawing. Also when you select from the drop-down list without going into the library that the hardware whe
  12. Hi Angie, Now I don't have home designer pro 2020 but the same thing happens when I import a drawing file from past versions into 2020 of architectural 2020 (which I have ) the rooms and lighting are dark. But when it is a new drawing no issues. When it imports the lighting data something goes wrong. But what you might want to do is contact support and send them your file. Please update us when you find out what could be the problem. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I was told last week that they are wrapping up testing and if nothing is found during testing might be released sometime in April of 2019.