Wood grain, rock on chimney, and granite patterns not showing


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I tried to search and couldn't find an answer that worked. I have a plan that I created in my Home Designer Pro 2024 that shows beautiful wood grains and granite and rocks (see photos). I have a plan from our designer created in Chief Architect which he says is 2016 version, that he has opened for me to tweak the interiors. I'd like it to look liked the plan I designed but cannot get the more realistic material look to appear. The materials for countertops in the non textured photo are supposed to be oak and granite. And you can see the difference in the rock fireplace.


Is this just a matter of his plan being created in an older software? Is there anything I can do?



kitchen with texture.png

living textue.png

lving without text.png

without texture.png

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You do change 3D view to STANDARD?

The bottom 2 pics are viewed in VECTOR.


IF do not understand check the following in the HELP screen.



THey also have a new one called PHYSICAL View which is aweseom but you need some graphic card power and memory or you will be waiting for the rendering to happen.

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Thank you so much! It's been awhile since I used my program and I was new at it then! I spent several hours googling and never found that solution (probably because it was too simple and everyone just assumed someone would know that.) 

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