Making Winder Stairs that Conform to the ICC Code


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We are running HD Architectural 2024.


The automatic stairs worked well for us.  We created a 90 degree turn with two 45 degree winders.  The software draws a simple triangle winder, this does not conform to R311.7.4, our town uses the 2018 ICC code.


A 6 inch flat in the inside corner is required to meet code as well as a 10 inch minimum distance in the walk line.  Shown in the the illustration below.



This is a renovation and restoration of a 1725-1845 connected farm house.  This makes the space available problematic for several reasons. We have to deal with 8x10 floor timber frame on 24 inch centers as well as hand laid stone walls.  Further crowding comes from a 30 foot dug well inside the Back House and a 10 inch reinforced concrete foundation poured when the barn was lifted two years ago.




The last house I built for myself the code allowed what HD is drawing.  My temporary stairs used that, and it all worked fine.  Now I am working on the finish stairs, to todays code, and we are stuck.


Looking for thoughts on this, we could not find a way to set the "Stair Landing Specification" to provide this detail.  The Stairs are 37 inches on our temporary installation,  We could go to 42 on the stair width, but the winders are limited to 37 between that wall at the bottom and the first step.  I could move the upper flight up 6 inches however, it is bolted to a Timber from the 1700's that would have to be modified and reinforced.


Thanks all in advance. 

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I would ensure platform with angled stairs is to the dims they show.

that 6" along the inside edge is what gives you the 10" at the walk line.


So do what you must to get that 6" and everything should work out.


Choice as I see it is make stairs narrower or platform steps bigger.


Or U shaped stairs?

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