Deck/balcony using joist hangers on both ledger and beam


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I'm unfortunately stumped on how to accomplish drawing this structure to the back of my existing house and have a few problems to solve in my Home Designer Pro 2024.


1) Due to the 2nd story cantilever I need to attach the deck just below that cantilever to the top of the first floor wall via a ledger board (see red lines in pic). The deck is about 36' wide and will protrude about 12'. Because of it's lower head clearance underneath I want to elevate the outer beam using joist hangers on both the beam as well as the ledger board on the house. In other words the joists will not sit on top of the beam as is typical. There will be 4 posts holding up the beam over the 36' span.


2) Home Designer "decks" assume planks is the floor surface and covers all the joists, but both assumptions don't work for me. I will be using a waterproof fiberglass build-up on top of plywood. Also to maintain the waterproofing at the wall I will be installing some Z strip galvanized flashing to tie into, but because the ledger and joists are tight up to the cantilever, the flashing will follow the contour of the 2nd story wall (blue line in pic).


Thanks in advance for helping to solve this mystery.

Screen Shot 2023-07-11 at 11.48.21 PM.png

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