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Mike, Looking at your pdf's a few things come to mind.

I am going to assume you exported these to pdf from Home Designer and not from Layout.
Both are on 8.5"x11" but there is a scaling difference between the two pdf's
One thing to check when exporting is the DPI. 600 or 300 will give you crisp results, anything less 
starts to compromise line and text quality. Example attached.
Your line weights are very thick in the pdf's you posted. Have a look at the advanced line weight options
under File>Print>Drawing Sheet Setup>Advanced Line Options

On my screen I don't  really see a blurriness, the lines & text are crisp. More of a line weight to scale issue. 






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On 7/13/2023 at 4:49 AM, BCMike said:

No answers out there?

I have the same problem- and see in the reference manual that it has a lot to do with the scale of the drawings you nominate - but I cant solve my printout problems, I do not understand the logic of this at all,  no matter what I try....so I sympathise there  - If I get an answer - I will leave it here.


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