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Hello estimated community !


I would like to decorate the same exterior wall with different brick colors (e.g. in bands)  ,I know, I can do this with the "Pony Walls", but I am looking for some more flexibility.


I would like to draw horizontal bands or blocks with different brick colors.


I have found a way , but highly doubt this is the right way to do it.


1) Display Cross section/elevation view with the exterior wall 

2) Design  a Cad "rectangular Polyline" on the exterior wall 

3) convert the Polyline (block) into a "backsplash" , the backsplash is the only option that is not "greyed out"

4) Change the thickness of the backsplash to the minimum (1mm) and pick a brick from the material library.


Any advice on best practice for this design issue would be super welcome!


Kind regards,


Home Designer Pro 2024




Exemple of brick bands

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