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  1. Hello Keith, Thank you again for your help, I discovered the purpose of the exterior room :-) Kind regards, André
  2. Hello estimated community ! I would like to decorate the same exterior wall with different brick colors (e.g. in bands) ,I know, I can do this with the "Pony Walls", but I am looking for some more flexibility. I would like to draw horizontal bands or blocks with different brick colors. I have found a way , but highly doubt this is the right way to do it. 1) Display Cross section/elevation view with the exterior wall 2) Design a Cad "rectangular Polyline" on the exterior wall 3) convert the Polyline (block) into a "backsplash" , the backsplash is the only option that is not "greyed out" 4) Change the thickness of the backsplash to the minimum (1mm) and pick a brick from the material library. Any advice on best practice for this design issue would be super welcome! Kind regards, André Home Designer Pro 2024 Exemple of brick bands
  3. SJW_VR0.64.planTestdeck.plan Hello, I encountered some issues with my first Home Designer Pro 2024 adventure. As I am in Europe, you will see that all measurements are in metric; sorry for that. I added the plan file with this message and a pdf with some extracts from the plan and camera views to clarify the issue. The issue is that the terrain continues in a part of the basement. The setup sequence of the plan might be the source of the problem: Created the 1ste Floor, Then heightened the foundation walls to obtain a basement ( +/- 6 feet) Added an additional basement on the back of the house with no 1st floor on top. (as there is a deck on top of that basement extension) Added a deck on top of the additional basement Created the terrain and adjusted the terrain elevations. I am trying to figure out how to handle the terrain elevation issues at the back of the house; when focusing on the elevation lines, Home Designer tries to make up for the difference. I also thought that a Retaining Wall might help to, to no avail. I tried several scenarios on test plans but without success. I’m hoping someone with more experience with Home Designer can see the problem. Kind regards, Andre SJW_VR0.64.plan HD Pro 2024 terrain issue.pdf