Cannot keep the terrain out of the basement


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I encountered some issues with my first Home Designer Pro 2024 adventure.
As I am in Europe, you will see that all measurements are in metric; sorry for that.
I added the plan file with this message and a pdf with some extracts from the plan and camera views to clarify the issue.

The issue is that the terrain continues in a part of the basement. The setup sequence of the plan might be the source of the problem: 

  • Created the 1ste Floor,
  • Then heightened the foundation walls to obtain a basement ( +/- 6 feet) 
  • Added an additional basement on the back of the house with no 1st floor on top. (as there is a deck on top of that basement extension)
  • Added a deck on top of the additional basement
  • Created the terrain and adjusted the terrain elevations. 

I am trying to figure out how to handle the terrain elevation issues at the back of the house; when focusing on the elevation lines, Home Designer tries to make up for the difference.


I also thought that a Retaining Wall might help to, to no avail. I tried several scenarios on test plans but without success.


I’m hoping someone with more experience with Home Designer can see the problem. 
Kind regards, Andre

SJW_VR0.64.plan HD Pro 2024 terrain issue.pdf

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