Certainteed updates?

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I'm presently a user of Home Designer Pro 2023 and am using the product to visualize a potential home plan. I've noticed that Certainteed had updated colors in their product line which are not found in the current Certainteed catalog in your library. The last update to this catalog, according to the download, was 12/2022. Can you let me know if the catalog will be updated in the near future to take into account the new color offerings?

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I don't have a release date for the CertainTeed catalog update, but there is an easy way to add new CertainTeed colors to your Home Designer.  If a new color is not available yet in our catalog, you can use the Color Chooser tool in Home Designer to sample the color from the manufacturer's website.  You can then apply the color to the siding so you can visualize the new color.  Here is a link to a training video that shows how this works.  


The video demonstrates the color chooser, starting at 2 minutes and 45 seconds. 



Kind regards,



Chief Architect Software

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