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Hi there... Everyone... 

Happy Sunday - Happy Easter. (Note: I do not expect anyone to be here today - just sending today so that it will be in the que for tomorrow. :)

For the life of me, I can't figure out why my layout page numbers do not show up at the top on my toolbars.


Please let me know if I am supposed to turn them on somewhere.


I watched a video demonstrating setting up construction documents - that was AWESOME - by the way..


However, my program does not display the page number icon

\note: I can get to the various pages by going to the Tools - page layout and choose page up or page down


When I go to the additional pages in the page up or page down - I do not see the template sheet boxes - The pages are blank


Thanks for letting me know what setting I need to turn on to make this work properly.


Best Regards






Video HD Pro 2023 - toolbar - showing layout pages.JPG

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I forgot to mention - pics are showing 1 - from my version and 1 from CA YTube video
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Wow,,, Thanks for the answer... I must say that after watching the video several times, I never would have guessed this.. They don't like this to be easy with HD Pro.. I love the program, but it is not user friendly or intuitive.  My usage is more for showing ideas and some construction documents so HD Pro is a winner in my book. Just wish it were a little easier to learn the new features.  In all these years, I think that I have not tweaked my tool bars more than once or twice.  I can't believe that I never thought of this step before.


I guess that I need to go back to reading my manual in my spare time, to ensure that I maximize the program more.


After tinkering, I found the solution to the other problem.


I really appreciate you taking the time to provide this answer over the holiday weekend.


Best Regards



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