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I thought I knew how to do this, but now I can't seem to do it anymore:


I imported a site plan pdf into my layout file, and my client requested that I enlarge it for readability. No problem! Or so I thought.


I used to select the object, and an off-center handle would appear, which I could slide with my mouse and thus enlarge or shrink the image in the pdf. But now I no longer see this "resize" handle. Maybe I imagined it?


Then I tried the transform/replicate command, but re-sizing the pdf object only resizes the re-sizeable window in which the image appears, not the image itself.


Then I searched online and see that there is a "point-to-point resize" command, whose toolbar icon is a double-headed arrow with a slash through it. But I can't find this command anywhere, even when searching for it with in-program search tools.


So after almost an hour of searching for a way to re-size my site plan pdf in a layout file, I've had to come to Home Talk Q&A Forums to see if anyone can help me re-size my imported pdf.



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