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Here's an interesting conundrum-


I am modifying a Master Bathroom per my Client's request. The room was increased by 2' in one direction; this allowed increasing the counter cabinet to become long enough to accommodate 2 sinks. (Why not? It's a Master Bathroom for a couple- makes sense!)


But I encountered a problem- the arrow icon "Select" tool refuses to select the sink so that I can copy/duplicate it. I can select everything else in the drawing, but not the sink. I even went into full camera mode, and I still can't select the sink when in 3D. At this point I've tried just about everything I can think of, to no avail. 


What would cause such a situation, and how can I correct it? Thanks in advance.

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Will the vanity be built as a larger single cabinet, or will it be built with multiple cabinets?


Selecting the sink uses the same method as is used elsewhere. Select the cabinet, Tab to select the sink.


You won't be able to copy it, just move it.


You may place a sink from the library outside the cabinet, then manually position on the countertop.


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