insert SKP sink in counter top

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If you have Pro, you can use two custom countertops and reshape them around the sink. 


Hi Kat ...


Just to clarify the quote ... One or more holes for tub or sink installation(s) in a custom countertop may be created from a single countertop piece using the break line tool and wrapping the smaller extruded sections around the object to meet back on itself.  That said, Pro 2015 provides a "caution" dialog pop up that may be safely ignored since wrapping the custom countertop back on itself in this case is intentional, not inadvertent.


Hope this helps or inspires. :)




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I am aware that a single countertop can be used, but find the warning annoying enough to justify avoiding it completely by using two.  :)

And of course, if you upgrade to Chief Premier, there's an actual tool for countertop holes.

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I have tried both option and must be doing something wrong. when i isert a custom couter top the old disapears but when i start to modify it the old comes back. i have been playing with this for a day know with no glory


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Hi mayall ...


While a cabinet base is supposed to automatically remove the default countertop when a custom one is placed over it, I suggest that you take the additional step of opening the base cabinet's specification dialog and setting the counter thickness to zero to ensure it is removed ... also delete any molding that may be applied to it.  Then draw a custom countertop and shape it as needed to provide the opening for your skp object.


post-251-0-47208200-1426635832_thumb.jpg  post-251-0-82894600-1426635843_thumb.jpg


Perhaps the following help database article will help:


Good luck. :)

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