Dishwashers and Cabinets


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More of comment/suggestion to HOME DESIGNER then a question:

I hate how HD requires you to have some base cabinet first to put in dishwashers.


In real world dish washer normal is between2 cabinets or 1 cabinet and an end panel of some sort.


Having this not normal base cabinet messes up the look as it lifts DW to sit inside on bottom. toe kick of DW canbe hidden or messed up from cabinet Toe kick.


Just not right! DW just slide in and under cab.

For countertop you can extend ones from side or drop in a custom one which is way easier.


IF you try and stick it in without cabinet then it will but it shoves it back in 3d mode due to some variable only CA people have access to.

We with HD are have to pull it out in 2d to see it right in 3d... and then shove it back in 2d for proper drawings and cabinet elevations.

Real PIA!!! and WHY WHY WHY?


Somone tell me WHY?

You can insert fridge and range between cabs without this issue.






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