Is this even possible?


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Need someone smarter than I am to take a quick look at the front porch roof lines of this elevation and compare it to the plan drawings and tell me I'm not losing my mind.

Porch roof and Main roof will NOT match to elevation IF certain plan dimensions are remotely correct.

I am including a very short video describing the issue.  Video HERE

Thanks in advance to anyone up to the challenge.  

New home 1.jpg

Home 3.jpg

2nd floor.JPG

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Yes, it is possible.
You just need a lot of practice learning how to use Pro and manual roof tools.
And don't assume an entire ceiling within a room is 10', when some of it might be partially sloped, and then become a 10' flat ceiling (this can affect the way the roof sits). The floor plan drawings don't really reveal everything.
Practice Obi Wan, practice...(and the reference manual).


image.thumb.png.a1ecf7bfa644fa1111c56422322c444c.png    image.thumb.png.91ee22784c32cf5f44b083152f2442c7.png

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