How to get "Export to PDF" to show in color?


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I have created a layout that includes black and white elevation and a colored elevation. When I go to export to PDF I choose the bubble "print in color" however the print still comes out in black and white. Can export to PDF not work for color renderings? 


Software: Home Designer Pro 2022, Windows Version

print without colors.png

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See attached the file that has two elevations, one in color and one in black and white. When I go to print it always come out black and white. To get it to come out in color I have to have ONLY color elevations or images.


Home Designer Pro 2022

Windows 10 Pro - 64bit

Intel Core I7@2.2GHZ

16GB Ram

NVIDIA GForce GTX 1060

Lazy Meadow 3-4-2022 Ver 31 - Dual Color Elevation.layout

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