Terrain and Basement Wall issue.


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Appears the file size is too large?

I followed the video instructions to the letter. You can see three total zones. The bottom is set to -12". The middle (front door/1st level) is set to zero inches. The top zone is set to -120 (the height of my basement walls).  This is the result I get.

I attempted to change the values of the levels, but all attempts still result in the dirt "sticking" to the poured concrete walls, and the framed rear walkout walls.

After many hours of video and searching the forums here, I was unable to find a solution.

Any ideas?


Terrain Side view.JPG

Terrain overhead.JPG

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ANSWER:  In this particular case there was a checkbox (apparently is set to default with the option checked) for keeping terrain "flat". 

Don't recall exactly where it was and I am a bit too nervous to "click-around" the terrain options to find it.  :unsure:

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