Roof study... ok, it's kinda my house. Where to start with walls?


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I am getting back to learning how to put roofs together in the software, and figured I'd try out my house. Some parts seem pretty straightforward, but others are probably complex, at least from a framing point of view.

I don't need to get accurate framing, but would like to be able to represent the exterior and the interior fairly accurately.


The thing I'm stuck on for the moment is how to model the three main masses (two large masses and central tall foyer); when I do this, roof planes seem to go a little nuts.


Here's a basic model of the home, not super accurate, but just a way to visualize the roofs.


Any thoughts on how to model the walls so the "collision area" in the center works out?


Also, the lower roof area in the back is something I'm coming back to as I couldn't figure out how to get the geometry correct.


Front of house with tall center hall (yes, the hall roof "cuts through" the adjacent roof. I didn't design it...)



Rear of house




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