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Hi All In HD Pro I have tried to create a new Façade for an existing house. I have placed trees and pot plants and columns with a beam over the columns on the floor plan (1st floor.)

But when I view the plan in 3D some of the trees and the columns and the beam look out of place (position) 

The house sits perfectly on the site but everything else looks strange. 

This always happens but I have not needed to address this issue before.

This façade; when I finish it is for a client so I need the presentation to look real.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes I agree with you about the importance of pictures or the plan.  Sorry... Life just happens. I had to rush off and did not mean to upload to here yesterday. I actually tried to redawn the plan and check what is meant by 2d or 3d plants. I thought all library items converted to 3D. I tried to find something to read to explain that better but ... no go...


 ThisTown house is on a hill overlooking the Gold Coast City and Tasman Sea. If you are wondering about the different colours I have been asked to create 3-4 different facades.








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The columns just really are off the patio area.  The easiest way to lower them will be (since you have Pro) to group-select them and open their Specification dialog to lower their height so they actually rest where you want them to.

Based on what I can see of the plant, it does look like a 2D plant image, which should rotate with the camera view and might look a bit strange sometimes.

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The garage appears to be set at the wrong Floor Elevation Robyn , possibly it has risen up ? and the soffits have stayed where you placed them as their height is set off the main floor height I believe.


At least I see no foundation on the Garage and the floor appears higher than the front door....


What I see of the Palm Tree does look to be a 2D image but there are 3D libraries available, I found a large library online but someone else will need to confirm the name , I think it was called Tenkoo's 3D Plant library but I saved the file as TK Plants so can't remember accurately. 




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