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Home Designer Pro 2015


I am trying to determine the best way to add a 2nd level to the home I am designing. Here is the process I am using;


* After creating the entire 1st floor layout, I go to "Build -> Floor -> Build New Floor"

* It gives me the options "Derive new 2nd floor plan from the 1st floor plan" with a sub option to "Step floor/ceiling elevations to match existing floor", and "make new blank plan for the 2nd floor".


My second floor plan walls (ext & int) will not necessarily mirror the level 1's floor plan. The problem I am having is when the new floor is created using "make new blank plan for the 2nd floor" and I am working on "Floor 2", the exterior walls from level 1 are shown on level 2. Do I delete these walls and create new Exterior walls and begin my plan? If I don't, it makes it rather confusing as to which new exterior walls I have drawn as some sit directly above the level 1 walls.


I have added a photo to help explain.


I hope I have been clear enough. If not, please let me know and I will clarify!


Thank you,




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Most likely, the existing walls you are seeing on floor 2 are attic walls.

Draw the new exterior walls over them. 

Turn on the floor reference to see where the floor 1 walls are located.

After drawing new walls  (that exist over floor 1 walls),

right click each wall and select 'align with wall below'.

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Thank you. Your response gave me an idea. I deleted the roof using "delete roof planes" and all of the walls that were showing up on level 2 disappeared. This will make it much easier to build the 2nd level walls. I also turned on floor reference as you suggested to see the walls on Level 1.



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