How is VR not a major thing here?


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I'm remodeling my bathroom and I have it all setup in Home Architect 2021.


Yet I'm not finding a straightforward way to view my design on my very popular Oculus Quest 2.


I would think that every designer would be chomping at the bit to show their clients their design in a virtual reality headset.


I know I can make a panorama picture or upload it to the cloud. But I want to see it in immersive 3d.   Searches in the forums weren't coming up with much.


Am i missing something?

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I couldn't agree more. We need some major VR Support for client presentations.


I know they have created the 3D View App, but it is rudimentary. Also, you can go to Export to 3D viewer which the client can see through a web browser or can use on their own in the viewer app.


It still is very underdeveloped unfortunately.

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