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HD Pro 2015 new user.


My objective is to create a foundation plan I can use to sub out work, i.e. carpentry, elec, plumbing, etc.


I'm creating a foundation plan by copying the outline and dimensions from an existing plan (my new home).  I've got some of the outline foundation walls placed and trying to fill in the other walls moving clockwise around the foundation.  I closed the loop around the whole foundation and went back to make the dimensions exact.  I found when I change a dimension, the program automatically changes a previous dimension (counterclockwise) to one that's not correct.  I started with the longest dimension at the back of the house and moved clockwise around the perimeter adding walls.


How can I stop this behavior (changing dimensions) so when I make a change it's permanent and won't change?



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I have this same issue it has driven me nuts for many months. Support tell me this and that but it does not solve the problem. I found I needed to change my dimensions as I draw the plan and before the entire plan is drawn. Even when I select move down arrow or the move both ways it still changes other dimensions to the point you want o cry.

The solution pre draw your plan and know where everything goes and what sizes everything needs to be. Then draw one wall at a time and dimension it before drawing the next wall.


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