Does anyone have a library object that looks a bit like a pile of rocks?


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I'm designing a large aquarium display that should look like a natural sea environment. The idea is to construct what looks like an underwater cliff face with glass windows in it to display the inside of about 10 separated aquariums.

In the centre is a selfie spot where visitors will pose beside the scene. The height will be about 2m (6ft 6in) so that the visitor cannot see over the top, and the width will be about 6m (20ft).

The cliff wall is just a stone facade, and behind it is a metal frame on which the aquariums are mounted.   There's a lot of plumbing but we don't need to show that on the design.

So I'm looking for an object that can be dropped onto the plan to give a rough representation of the display.



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15 hours ago, 4ndrew said:

Did these pretty quickly in Blender. I think there's probably a relatively straightforward way to create a number of objects that fit together more like cut stones.



That looks interesting. I have never tried anything like that.

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