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    How do you dulicate a building?

    OK, that seems to work. It's a bit of a faff though. Can't really see why the "whole building" feature is disabled in the non-Pro versions.
  2. ChrisO

    How do you dulicate a building?

    How do I copy and paste an entire building structure? I've looked everywhere for guidance, but can't find it. Version:- HDA 2016
  3. ChrisO

    How do I create a roof over a roof?

    How do I build a roof over a roof? For example, imagine that I create a building with 3 floors. It's just a straight-up block. Now I open the front wall on every floor so that I can see straight into the rooms from outside (e.g.insert a huge window). Now I want to put a sloping roof over each opening/window like a sunshade that hangs out from the wall. Each roof would be directly above/below another roof. How do I do that?