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  1. Believe me. I have done hours and hours of experimenting, repeating, experimenting... I don't think I will choose this app again.
  2. That you so much for directing me to that instruction. I must have spent an hour or more yesterday trying to find something like that, but found nothing. The help system seems utterly impossible to search for what you want. So today I tried for an hour, and followed the instructions to the letter several times. But each time I get weird results. The wall heights change, I can't work out how to fill in the retaining wall. etc etc. And then suddenly the system told me it was going to generate a few thousand contour lines, and it did this.
  3. Now let's add a small room at the higher elevation first. Everything is flying! How does anybody actually manage to use this app?
  4. This is without a completed room on the "sea level" elevation. And this is after the room is completed.
  5. So I discovered an interesting and annoying issue. Land must have a complete room built on it before it will lock to right elevation. The only difference between these two plans is the small building. Without the building, the stairs will float at the height of another structure even though the land elevation is much lower. But put another building on that elevation, and the stair height will correct itself.
  6. ChrisO

    Terrain problems

    Thanks. That's very close to what I am trying to do. Can you send me that plan and let me look at it? There's one significant difference to the real situation: There is a road along the left hand edge of the terrain, and the road height is about 1m below the height of the terrain on the other side of the wall. Therefore the wall has its base on the lower side (the road). Would that make a difference?
  7. ChrisO

    Terrain problems

    Sorry to say it, but the terrain function is just a pile of wombats doos. Hours and hours wasted... This went from a fair model of a stepped hillside to this. Every time the terrain is built, it gets worse. I'm struggling to keep a polite tongue in my mouth.
  8. ChrisO

    Terrain problems

    Here's an example. I opened a new plan, completely clean. I created a terrain perimeter. Changed the material to tiles so that the lines will show any strange shape anomalies. I created an elevated region and set the elevation to 5m. I copied the elevated region, and pasted it next to the first region, then moved them together. I changed the second region to height 4m. As can be seen, a number of irregular anomalies were created. Look at the tiles on the 3D picture; the disturbances are all over the place. Look at the join between the two regions
  9. ChrisO

    Terrain problems

    I have tried using elevation lines and elevated regions, but the videos said avoid elevation points so I did not use them. I am tearing my hair out over this. It is ******* driving me witless.
  10. ChrisO

    Terrain problems

    Can anyone teach me how to make terrain that doesn't have strange bumps, troughs, etc all over the place? I've been trying for days. Everything I do results in a complete mess. The help webinars make its all look so darned easy, but it just doesn't work they way they show it. Home Designer Architectural 2021
  11. It seems that it is the manual dimension and the interior dimension that I can't understand. My plan has a lot of these so I am focussed on them. A test plan is attached. Dimensions test.plan
  12. ChrisO

    Terrain anomalies

    I think this must be the most difficult, annoying and plain unintelligible app I have ever used in 40 years. What the hell is going on here?
  13. ChrisO

    Terrain anomalies

    Why do I get weird terrain anomalies when I put 2 flat pads of elevated terrain next to each other? I need to draw an "infinity" wall with one elevation on one side and a lower elevation on the other side. I've put a retaining wall between the two terrain pads, and the system draws some really strange land shapes.
  14. I'm trying to draw dimensions but just can't seem to figure out how to do it. The only dimension line that I can get to work is the end-to-end provided I draw it along the length of an object. Nothing else works. I've checked Preferences and I've enabled dimensions display. I'm watching videos and copying exactly what they show. Nothing... Home Designer Architectural 2021, On Mac OS