What Laptop are you using to Run Home Designer? 2021

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Suggestions for laptop  for  Home Designer 2021. Starting from scratch. Please let me know if yours is working great for you. I plan to use an extra monitor as well.  Thanks!


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I think almost any device will work pretty well (provided it's not really ancient or extremely lacking in basic resources).  The trick is to disable all of the fancy features for your basic 3D editing work, and only enable the fancy features when rendering final shots that need to look good.  I have a bad habit of navigating around with my physically based rendering settings maxed out because my computer still does it fast enough for it to be functional, but I'm much happier if I take a moment to switch to standard mode until I really need PBR.


If you're buying a new device, my number one recommendation is to make sure it has an SSD (solid state drive) rather than a traditional spinning platter hard drive (usually abbreviated HDD).  For a slow drive, every single change you make causes an UNDO to be saved to your hard drive.  This is literally a full copy of your plan file, however big it might be.  A fast drive goes a long way to speeding that up.  Second best advice is to just double check that you don't have an absurdly small amount of RAM/memory (8 GB is plenty and not expensive these days; 16 is better and 4 is limiting).  As for graphics, I run it regularly on two machines with wildly different graphics cards (one a GeForce 1060; one a Quadro with a fourth the rendering power).  No noticeable difference in performance for me. I also occasionally run it on an old Surface Book without any trouble.

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