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Hello again

Hubby is into the world of VR.  Goal:  take my home design, export it in a 3D file format for VR.  Details....I have Suite 2021...if we upgrade to Architect, would there be the file format of FBX or  STL/OBJ, which he is able convert to FBX....and if upgrading to architectural doesn't do it alone, would upgrading to Architect [or using current Suite 2021] provide the path for you to recommend an add on program you know is reliable that would enable him to import my designs into his VR world....?

thanks again for any help

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Hi - 


This (export) is one of the areas I really hoped would be updated; the export formats are limited to DAE (Collada) and STL.


FWIW I'm able to open DAE in Twinmotion, but currently they need an update to get Oculus Touch controllers working again. I haven't used it much, but we're re-doing a few parts of our house, including the kitchen, and it's great to be able to stand inside. I just used VR for our daughter's room to re-arrange.

There are a few things I need to figure out, such as making the export split up details that are currently "connected" by texture/color application. For example, if I have three granite countertops, I can only select all 3 together because of the way it exports (I think).

FWIW I'm likely going to order the HP Reverb Gen 2 once available & reviewed. The resolution is much higher, and I use it for flight simulation in which I need to be able to see small details like numbers and charts.

What software are you planning on using to view in VR?

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16 hours ago, floridauk said:

Well, we did contact tech support but it is not a possibility but thanks for your thoughts....my husband is a programmer and thought over your input.....good luck....my husband is an inventor in many ways so he respects your efforts.

Hi again-


Just out of curiosity, what software are you planning to import into? 

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