Advanced Rendering Options (for interior design/decoration)


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I'm going to preface this by unashamedly admitting it may be a stupid question, however I'm asking in the hopes of being educated...

Lately I've seen a lot of new interior design programs emerging which offer "4K" rendering options which look incredibly realistic. I'm really happy with Home Designer and its level of flexibility so don't wish to change at this stage, however am wondering if there is some kind of avenue to import models into a rendering generator which could produce more photo realistic images?


I believe Chief has the power to produce slightly more realistic renders than Home Designer due to its ray tracing capability, however from everything I've seen it's still not comparable to some of the new programs I've learned about (and I sadly can't justify the expense of upgrading to Chief anyway). I feel I've become quite proficient with adapting lighting/shadows/materials etc. in order to make the most of what Home Designer offers, however it still feels lacking to me in regard to realism and ultimate "wow" factor (have attached a snippet from a recent design I've been working on).  


I've tried researching this though it's all over my head and very confusing for someone who is essentially fully self-taught and a stay-at-home mum designer!


Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.




render (1).jpg

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Assuming this feature is in 2020 version, if you create a 3D perspective view then click the menu "File -> Export" you'll see 3 options for exporting 3D models (DAE, STL and chief 3D viewer files).


If you export a DAE file, it can be used with TwinMotion which is powered by a popular 3D engine used in video games called Unreal Engine.  It definitely produces more complex lighting and shadows (based on lights and shadows you've set up in HD Pro).  You can download a trial version for free (which I think has unlimited testing use; you're just not supposed to use it commercially).  If you need to buy it, it's only a couple hundred.  You can search on this forum, the other chief forum ( and the Internet in general for Twin Motion info.  I don't know too much about it myself yet.


I'm sure there are other programs you can load the exported 3D files into, but Twin Motion is what I hear about the most.

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