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Does anyone know why the 90 catalogs listed below are not for sale for Home Designer software users?  Is our money no good?  There is no "SSA" for Home Designer, and even if you buy an upgrade to every release of their software each year you are still not able to access any of those catalogs.  I understand making some of them free and others for sale, but I don't understand blocking a good percentage of your users from even buying catalogs that you have already made.  I am guessing that many of the manufacturers are providing the symbol libraries for free, but they may not know that lots of users are blocked from being able to use them.  And the catalogs regarding things like plants (see screenshot below) don't seem like a "Chief Architect"-only type of feature...they are basic and simple and needed by home users and professional users, so why prevent all Home Designer users from being able to access them?  I can think of a lot of people who would drop a few bucks to buy a catalog that they need, but not a few thousand for a program they don't really this situation they are not getting money in either case, so it doesn't make any sense.  Please let me know if I am missing something, and if there is a way to access the "SSA Only" catalogs as a Home Designer user.  Thanks!




  1. 3D Moldings
  2. 3D Plants
  3. 3D Text
  4. American Woodmark
  5. Andersen® Windows
  6. Arcways® Stairs
  7. Aristokraft® Cabinetry
  8. Armstrong®
  9. Aspire Cabinetry™
  10. Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens
  11. Barker Cabinets
  12. Beams
  13. Bellmont Cabinet Co.
  14. Bishop Cabinets
  15. BMW
  16. Bridgewood Custom Cabinetry
  17. BROSCO®
  18. Cabico® Custom Cabinetry
  19. CAD Blocks and Details
  20. Craft-Maid®
  21. Crestwood
  22. Crystal Cabinet Works
  23. Custom Wood Products® - Visit...
  24. Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitch...
  25. Decor Cabinet Company
  26. Decorá Cabinetry
  27. Diamond®
  28. Dura Supreme
  29. Estate Custom Collection
  30. Executive Cabinetry
  31. Federal Brace
  32. Fieldstone Cabinetry
  33. Greenfield Cabinetry
  34. Home Concepts
  35. Homecrest® Cabinetry
  36. HVAC No.2 Spiral Ducting
  37. Image CAD Blocks
  38. J & K Cabinetry ©
  39. Kemper Cabinets
  40. Kitchen Craft® Cabinetry
  41. Kitchen Design Styles
  42. KraftMaid®
  43. Landscaping CAD Blocks
  44. Legacy Crafted Cabinets
  45. Log Truss Template
  46. Mastercraft Cabinets
  47. Medallion® Cabinetry
  48. Merillat®
  49. Mid Continent® Cabinetry
  50. Mouser
  51. Omega Cabinetry
  52. Osborne Wood Products
  53. Pella® Windows
  54. Pennville Custom Cabinetry
  55. Plants - Annuals
  56. Plants - Aquatic
  57. Plants - Bulbs
  58. Plants - Cacti & Succulents
  59. Plants - Climbers
  60. Plants - Kitchen Garden
  61. Plants - Perennials & Biennials
  62. Plants - Shrubs
  63. Plants - Trees
  64. Plants - Tropical
  65. Plato Woodwork, Inc.
  66. Porch Millwork
  67. Potted Plants
  68. Quality Cabinets
  69. Rev-A-Shelf
  70. Ridge Caps
  71. Schrock Cabinetry
  72. Showplace Wood Products
  73. Simpson® Strong Tie
  74. Siteline™ Cabinetry
  75. Sorrento Custom Cabinetry
  76. Space Planning Blocks
  77. StarMark Cabinetry
  78. Style Palettes
  79. Talora by Decor
  80. Tedd Wood Fine Cabinetry
  81. Timberlake Cabinetry
  82. Wall Types
  83. Waypoint Living Spaces
  84. Wellborn Closets™
  85. Wellborn®
  86. White River Hardwoods
  87. Wolf Home Products
  88. Woodland Cabinetry
  89. YesterTec® Kitchen Designs
  90. Yorktowne™ Cabinetry
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9 minutes ago, solver said:

Just an FYI -- Chief / Home Designer doesn't monitor these forums, so you need to contact them directly.


There is a Chief_Content user that you could contact.


Thanks, but I wasn't looking for a response from the company, I was asking to see if I was missing something since this is one of those things that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and I thought that someone might know something that I don't.  I will reach out to them if I am unable to get help in the user forum.

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I see that other users of Home Designer software also have this issue with not being able to download certain catalogs. I don't see the logic in being permitted to download some and not others even though I am willing to purchase them.


For some reason I can purchase a catalog with a Redwood but not a Tropical Palm tree.


I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2021. I know the Company does not monitor these forums, although I think they would become aware of a lot if they did. 

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No doubt it's the large catalogs of a multitude of rendered objects that are being sought. If it is simply a particular object then those can be found in many rendering groups and databases online. 

I don't speak for the company (I just started using the new version myself, and it's only for personal use) but I know a little about licensing and distribution. It certainly may be the situation that the content which is in the SSA-only catalogs has actually been licensed for that specific program, and adding a second program (the Home Designer series) would simply not be economically viable. While there are certainly a few people (like yourself) who might buy a catalog, the company might not be able to pay "per download" of a catalog, but instead a lump sum per program offered. In that case, it might make sense that professionals might download all the catalogs, while there might not be enough hobbyists purchasing those catalogs to justify it. This is just a thought, but that would make sense.

Moving on from that, there might actually be a market for someone here. There are many highly skilled 3D renderers that would probably be able to quickly design a large catalog and sell it as downloadable content. I don't believe the proprietary file format affects downloaded content, (but I could be wrong about that). Are there designers out there who design plans and then sells their plans to others? If so, I'm sure there would be a market then for individually-designed catalogs of various objects.  

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