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  1. I am using HD Pro 2023. I realize after much experimenting that to achieve the realistic appearance of glass in any recent version of HD Pro, is impossible.

    There is no way to render a crystal clear glass texture that includes reflection and refraction attributes. I have managed to generate some realistic photo like renderings of designs using mainly lighting methods, but the glass effects remain out of reach. 

    I believe this is possible in Chief Architect versions of the software. Obviously that comes at a price. 

    So...I am wondering if realistic glass will make it into a future version of HD Pro, or if possible we could purchase plug-ins or add on modules that can be purchased separately to enhance the ability of HD Pro versions.

    There is such a difference in price between HD Pro and CA, can there not be something in between like a Home Designer Pro Max that could allow for plug-ins.


    1. Suggestions


      Hi Savuti!

      We don't currently offer a module upgrade like this for Home Designer Pro. I'll bring this up with the team for consideration.

      We do offer a monthly rental of Chief Architect, this would allow you to make a small investment and gain access to the full suite of features available there.

      You can also download a Trial Version of Chief Architect and try out the rendering features that are available for free.

      If you would like more information about accessing these products our sales team would be happy to share more details!


      Adrean, Chief Architect Suggestions

  2. I have come up with this so far, working with Material Definition, lighting, material colour, Brightness, Transparency, Emissive setting. The wine glasses still appear to be more realistic though. I will keep trying to achieve that appearance.
  3. Do you mind telling me how you achieved the natural looking wine glasses with transparency and light reflection in the image on the right as opposed to the opaque wine glasses in the image on the left. I am using HDPro 2021.
  4. I found the Palm trees I was looking for on the Sketchup site. Free download as an .skp file which can be imported and saved to HDP.
  5. I see that other users of Home Designer software also have this issue with not being able to download certain catalogs. I don't see the logic in being permitted to download some and not others even though I am willing to purchase them. For some reason I can purchase a catalog with a Redwood but not a Tropical Palm tree. I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2021. I know the Company does not monitor these forums, although I think they would become aware of a lot if they did.