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  1. Seems CA has overlooked Wall Dormers in it's dormer capability, which is strange,since it's common, at least here in Georgia. Spent way too many hours trying to get the software to do it. One thing that might help is to be able to edit roof lines a la Revit. CA does a better job overall handling roofs than Revit, but this is an area that CA needs to address. Understand creating roofs is hard in any of these programs; but not to have even addressed this common dormer with tutorials (which CA is pretty good at) seems puzzling.. Please do something about this.


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      Thanks Wazues! I'll share this with our training team and maybe we can get a tutorial covering this out there for review!


  2. Hi Zachary... I thought I'd chime in based on the images you've posted. It looks to me like you might not be switching into the PBR Rendering Technique for your scenes. By default, all views start in our "Standard" Rendering Technique. You have to choose "Physically Based" to switch the render into that mode. I'm including some screen captures to illustrate where you find these controls. Standard PBR I hope this is helpful! Please share your results as you use the tools more!
  3. I do have one suggestion. Is it possible that the resizing for lighting could have independent sizing for the length of the cord (or chains) and the size of the lighting fixture. Sometimes I just want the length of the cord (or chain) that holds the light up to be longer, not the fixture itself. If I don't choose the aspect ratio button, then the object too gets longer. If I do choose it, then the whole object gets bigger, which is not what I want. Maybe this could be done for bar stools or chairs as well. I don't want to change the size and shape of the chair or barstool, only the length of the legs (maybe the height of the back of the chair as well). These items would be useful.

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      Thanks Alfiejay08! We try to build what we call "Stretch Planes" into objects to help resizing as you described, but they don't always solve the need 100%. I'll share your idea for more flexibility in resizing objects with our team.