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  1. One way to do so is to follow theses steps: 1) Select all the objects you desire to use (using your mouse, draw a large square selecting every object you need, it's okay if you happen to accidentally grab exterior walls too, etc.). 2) When selected, copy all those items. (CTR+C in Windows) 3) Open the basement level (You can even open a new file if you wanted to, but you can just open another level, too.) 4) Paste those items you've copied into an open area on the workspace. (Don't paste it right on top of your existing plan, using blank space to the side or above.) (CTR+V in Windows) 5) Select and Delete (Remove) any extra items you might have grabbed (like exterior walls, etc). 6) After you've deleted everything you don't want, then select all of the elements left of your copied items, and move them as a group into position inside your basement area. If done to a tight fit everything should connect cleanly and exactly as desired. If you aren't exact in your movements then you may have to adjust a few items (because of auto-connected walls and such, so there may be some slight modifications necessary). But overall that should work well for you.
  2. This follow-up answer is for anyone who might want to know what I did to change the default style palette in Home Designer (I'm using HD Architect 2022, but I suspect it'll work on all of the HD programs). I ended up copying my entire plan (selecting everything on the layer by circling it) and then I created a brand new (blank) plan, and when a new plan is created it lets you choose from the various styles offered (American casual, Arts and Crafts, Colonial, Country Cottage, etc.), and then I just pasted my copied plan on there. I checked the various elements, and the elements were indeed updated to the new style palette. Doing it this way gave me 99.9% of the result I was looking for, so I'd say it's a very easy and very effective way to change the basic default styles! -The other great thing is that the various style elements that I did make changes to (like wall treatments, furniture textures, etc.) those were all kept unchanged in the new (pasted) plan; so the only things that changed were the basic style elements in the default, not all the changes I had made. I know this might make my question seem pretty obvious to answer, but hey, it took me a bit to figure that out, and I'm thrilled because an easy and good solution is always a welcome one! Thanks!
  3. Solver (Eric), yep, you are correct, I was indeed asking if it's possible to change the original default style settings. I am under the impression from the answer Mr. @scottharris gave that this is not an currently an option for the Home Designer program series. If that is the case, at least I have something to add to the "wish list" section! :-D Thanks everyone!
  4. Aside from solver's tutorial video on custom templates, the tutorial below goes over how to save newly created items directly into the library (even duplicated items that are slightly changed). Although it actually may not help you in copying from the plan to the library, but your question seemed to correlate to what she's done midway in this tutorial video. (although she's working in the library, yeah, ok.) In any case, this may give you an idea for a way to accomplish it, fwiw: https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/videos/watch/10140/home-designer-quick-tip-custom-beams.html?playlist=201 -And solver, I'm looking forward to seeing all the tutorials you've created! Thanks in advance!
  5. No doubt it's the large catalogs of a multitude of rendered objects that are being sought. If it is simply a particular object then those can be found in many rendering groups and databases online. I don't speak for the company (I just started using the new version myself, and it's only for personal use) but I know a little about licensing and distribution. It certainly may be the situation that the content which is in the SSA-only catalogs has actually been licensed for that specific program, and adding a second program (the Home Designer series) would simply not be economically viable. While there are certainly a few people (like yourself) who might buy a catalog, the company might not be able to pay "per download" of a catalog, but instead a lump sum per program offered. In that case, it might make sense that professionals might download all the catalogs, while there might not be enough hobbyists purchasing those catalogs to justify it. This is just a thought, but that would make sense. Moving on from that, there might actually be a market for someone here. There are many highly skilled 3D renderers that would probably be able to quickly design a large catalog and sell it as downloadable content. I don't believe the proprietary file format affects downloaded content, (but I could be wrong about that). Are there designers out there who design plans and then sells their plans to others? If so, I'm sure there would be a market then for individually-designed catalogs of various objects.
  6. Is it possible to change the style palette of your entire plan after you've already begun (and chose a preset one at the very beginning)? I want to see what my plan would look like in various styles, but I don't want to have to recreate it. I see on YouTube they are able to do this with the professional Chief Architect software, but I don't see where it can easily be done in Home Designer Architectural. Am I just overlooking something easy? I realize I could go through and change every single item (the doors, the trim, the interior and exterior walls, etc., all throughout the plan, but there are quite a few major changes to get that accomplished, so I was hoping there was an easier way.) Here is the YouTube video link showing how they do it in the CA program. Thank you for your insight!