Accordion doors and 90 degree angle connection?

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I am going to make an "office corner" in my living room, and I need to get some privacy (or silence!) every now and then, so I am planning to install two accordion doors at those red squares on my plan:


In case of term "accordion door" is unknown (or some other word is used here :) ), here is the picture of the door:


So, when the doors are open, they are pretty much compressed at those two red squares, and when I want to close them, I pull them together, so it works like this:


As in that picture, the system doesn't need any columns in the corner, the doors just click together.


My problem is that I don't know how to draw those in Home Designer, so that I could actually see them opened or closed in 3D view! Also, there is "bi-fold doors" option in Home Designer, but that door type just defaults the opening in the middle, so that doesn't work in my case. Is there any way I could do this in Home Designer?

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I made accordian doors out of slabs.  I created one slab (panel) 3/8x6x108 and angled it at 45 degrees and another at 90 degrees to that one.  Select those two and use Transform Replicate at 9" for as many as you like.  The closed side started at 7.5 degrees.  The material is Fabric and Wall Covering>Sheers and Shades>Fiber>>Off White Sheer.

For the sliding panels look at the CA libraries under Doors and Windows and download (free) NanaWall.  Play around with the colors. Sorry you can't show them open.

Good luck 


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Thank you BrewerDesign, it looks more or less just right! Too bad I cannot show them open/closed in 3D view, but then again that's what I feared. I wish you could use self-made dynamic components in Home Designer, for example at simplest I could make an architectural block where those accordion doors are open, and then another where the doors are closed, and then in 3D view I could just switch between those two :)


I guess I just have to make two version of my plan to show them open and closed for my better half (and to myself)...

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