Varying roof structure at adjacent roof planes.


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I recently bought Chief architect Premier, and have been seeing how it compares to Revit. There is something I have not been able to find an answer on though, I would appreciate your help on it.

I want to make a one and a half story house, the main roof requires multiple framing types within the same roof plane. The front will have conventional roof framing, and the rear will have timber framing with rigid insulation and tongue and groove. How can I build this and have the outside of the roof line up correctly, along with the textures? What is the best way Chief can achieve this? Can you create two separate roofs on top of each other, one being the roofing and exterior sheathing, and the other with the foam and tongue and groove? Or do I create two different roof styles next to each other? When I make two roofs next to each other the roof textures do not line up.


Thank you


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