Building a "challenging" roof


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(First in what undoubtedly will be a bunch of "please help me recreate our house" series :) )


So far, I haven't been able to figure out how to build this roof, which is really a combination of two.


On the back of our house, the kitchen and family room extend out a bit. The family room (and other parts of the first floor) are 16" lower/sunken.


Additionally, the ceiling in the extended part of the kitchen is vaulted with the peaked end aligned with the outer wall of the house.


I'm finding that HDP sort of knows where the roof should be, but the geometry is off. I'm not sure how to go about "fixing" this, or if I should try to do it manually. The pitches are also a little bit different over the kitchen and living room areas.


Here are pics of about how the roofline should be, how HDP does it by default (single pitch / bad geometry), roof planes as generated automatically, and a pic of the inside of our kitchen where you can see the vault.




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